To have known, or even met, Sorala was to have been infected by her simchas hachaim. Her happy smile and sparkling eyes were her trademark. She was focused yet fun; she worked in the corporate world yet was a tzanua in manner and dress. She was genuinely interested in your life… she didn’t just listen, nod and forget about what you said. She actively assisted those seeking jobs in her field and was involved with shidduchim, cheerfully volunteered wherever help was needed… and above all, she would daven with her whole heart if you shared your tzar with her. It is impossible to encapsulate her goodness in this brief summary.

Now, when she can no longer do for others, it’s our turn to do for her - to continue her legacy as a zechus for her neshama and ensure that the chesed she loved to do is perpetuated.

Yes! I would like to continue Sorala's legacy!

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